TMV.ZONE Donation Ranks

Click here to view a document with the donation perks listed.

The donation link is
To leave a donation, click on the link and manually enter one of the prices below. If you are upgrading from a prior rank, you only need to pay the difference. Ranks are given manually, not automatically, so contact me (TheMattVid) if you donate and I will get you the rank as soon as possible.

Donation prices are as follows (all prices are in USD):
VIP: $10
Leaf: $25
Forest: $50
Sun: $100
Gold: $150
Ember: $200
Flame: $250

Do those prices sound like a lot? They are. That’s because a contribution is meant to be a donation to the server and not the purchase of a product. I believe all donations should be made primarily for the purpose of helping the server, and not to get perks and obtain special status. I spend my own money every month to keep the server up, I spend time maintaining the server, and I use energy dealing with dramatic and unruly individuals. Your donation goes a long way toward supporting this server and helping me to keep it alive. All donation perks typically carry over indefinitely− there are no monthly payments required to keep a rank. Having a donation rank does not make you immune to the rules.