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Server Name: TMV
Server Address:
(keep the default port on Bedrock)

TheMattVid (

Hello, I am Matt and I run a survival Minecraft server called Here are some things the server is all about!

Casual Gameplay
You will not lose your inventory or experience points when you die in the game. There are also a variety of warps you can teleport to such as towns and markets for different experiences!

Family Friendly
My server has a comprehensive swear filter and respect among players is a top priority.

Grief Protection
Griefing and stealing are not allowed on my server. I have robust protections in place to ensure that your items remains protected. There are bait chests scattered throughout the server that will result in an automatic ban of players who take from them. Additionally, all users banned for griefing/stealing will have all of their progress reset, which will ensure that all stolen items will instantly return to their prior owners.

Most new servers players join shut down after a few months, meaning that you lose the community you became a part of. My Minecraft community has been running for over 11 years. We have members who have been here for a long time as well as those who are brand new. We welcome all new players to join us!

So, come hop on my server and check it out! I hope you enjoy it!

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