How to Join the Server

Join on Java and Bedrock!
Server Name: TMV
Server Address:
(keep the default port on Bedrock)

Hello, I am Matt and I run family-friendly Minecraft server. Java and Bedrock players can join!

Play SMP with other players, building houses, markets, towns, and participating in many activities! No stealing is allowed, and griefers will lose all of their items. Those who are stolen from will have their items returned.

Our interpretation of the Prison game mode takes place in a city. Mine blocks to make money, use the money to level up, level up to unlock new mines. You can also use your money to rent your own houses in town!

This is a great game for those looking for something more challenging than survival! Start on an island in the middle of the sky and expand your island by mining from your cobblestone generator and selling blocks to buy upgrades.